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Mc Farlane Toy Year 2005 Spawn Series 28 Regenerated 6-1/2 Inch Tall Sculpted Action Figure - Lotus Warrior Angel With 15 Points Of Articulation Plus Skull Shield, 3 Swords, 6-BLADED Chakram And Display Base

Mc Farlane Toy Year 2005 Series 28 Regenerated
ASIN: B00566G02A

McFarlane's Toy

Mc Farlane Toy Year a great item made by Mcfarlane's Toy will probably be your children's most popular brand new superhero! 787926113822 is the UPC barcode aka the Universal Product Code, for this Spawn toy. I believe you will love that it comes along with this feature, 15 points of articulation: shoulders, wrists on two arms, biceps on four arms, neck and calves. Other highlights consist of for age 13 and up and produced in year 2005. Lowest price Mc Farlane Toy Year , click the hyperlink below.


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