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Spawn Collectible Action Figure

Collectible Action Figure
ASIN: B000N51J7U

McFarlane Toys

Package Quantity: 1

Collectible Action is a very fun and neat super hero toy doll. UPC# 787926101614. I in fact liked that the item had the feature of claw hand opens and closes. arm slides up and down. Other highlights consist of discontinued collectible future spawn and wings pivot up and down from canaopy. It's dimensions are 10" Height x 8" Length x 4" Width and it has got a weight of 1.25 lbs. Where to buy the Collectible Action . To order this product now at the cheapest price, click on the market link.

Part Machine, Part Human, All Spawn Just as Spawns have existed within the past, this Spawn exists sometime inside the distant future. Even his main cannon is cybernetically fused by way of his chest, creating him a walking arsenal. As his enemies have evolved more than the centuries, so has Spawn and his hardware. Having no arms or legs, Spawns costume has replaced the void with cybernetics versions of his limbs.


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